Three Thousand Coffees in Vienna

von Colleen Di Franco


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Vienna: Mozart, coffee houses, The Blue Danube, Lipizzaner horses and Sacher tortes. Beneath the gossamer of this fabled capital lives a thriving international community of ex-patriots who try and navigate the unfamiliar customs and strange dilemmas being an outsider inside Austria.
These stories are a whimsical collection about the author’s life in a foreign country, the shock and trauma of having come directly from Los Angeles and a career in the movie business to live on the other side of the world.
Culled from observation, experience and first hand testimony; these stories are a glimpse of Vienna through the eyes of an ex-pat.
Some of us need to just click our heels to go home … some of us lose the way forever.

Colleen Di Franco
Born in 1955, Cleveland, Ohio. U.S.A.
Journalist: contributor to: Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Cincinnati Enquirer
Advertising: Associate Creative Director: Leo Burnett, U.S.A., Young and Rubicam, Lois U.S.A.
President: Delegan & Kimmel Advertising
Scriptwriter for television: NBC, Disney, CBS, Fox Cable Television Screenwriter: „Born Guilty“, „Operators and Things“.


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